How much equality is already given to us by God.

When we see a flower like Rose, our eyes gets struck at the flower itself because it attracts. When we try to pluck it from the rose plant then we came to experience or know that there are thorns too. Because our focus is on flower we could not see the thorns. Rose has a purpose and the thorn has a purpose. The thorn protected it, for you, get eaten away by animals! It is like army for a country so that people can live peacefully.  The same branch gave nutritions to rose and the thorn. The same stem carried the nutrients from roots to the branch. The same roots collected the nutrients from soil and same light and air processed it.

In the same way we are serving different purposes of life as human being. The same local body is serving us. The same state is administrating us. The same country is protecting us. The same light, water, the Earth+Sun or universe and air or space is providing enough resources to every country. Every part has a purpose and a blessing. Blessing for thorn is that no one tries to pluck it, so it is saved from the pain of being plucked from its very source!

As a human being we can understand it by serving people selflessly.


Purpose of life

Opinion below is as per my experience and little knowledge and belief. I beg my pardon before writing it for reason if anyone got hurt unintentionally too.

In Bangladesh and in West Bengal, India there are people who belong to wandering community that depends on livelihood by singing ‘Baul Songs’.This tradition, it seems, existed since last 500-1000 years but made famous and known to people, as per Osho, by Lalon Fakhir, of West Bengal.People are known as Boul people and their songs in local language give teachings to poor peoples, on which their livelihood depends, to live in harmony with nature and follow “Laws of nature”. They got fed by those poor people for singing these songs as they believe that through them their children got educated in right direction. Baul people accepts food happily not out of mercy but because they believe that nature provided food, space, air and water to everyone, in abundance. Some people, who make storage of them more than needed or for future needs, make it hard for others to get it their daily bread and butter. So by accepting their due from those people that are not at mercy.

All this just to understand the very fundamental thing that they made their songs based upon nature as the medium because it can be understood by even poor iliterate people too. That fundamental theme is that ever human being is basically in search of “Adhaar Manus” i. e. described as “The original face” by Lao Tzu, as followers of Zen and OSHO knows well.

Perhaps, Jesus has discovered his original face.The first inhalation by a face after separation from eternity, that is constant and eternal. This inhalation is after birth out of only virgin or unchanging or constant existence. Since it is constant and unchanging so even after giving birth its virginity remains unchanged.In Hinduism it is said as the full, whole, remains as full even when the whole has taken birth from it. This these Baul singers called as “Adhaar Manus”.

So as a human being the search ends with the exhalation of last breath in eternity i e Nirvana, by Buddhist. Moksha, by Hindus. Then one is free from the cycle of birth and death. But to know how to breath last in eternity or existence, one must experience i.e. see, as per Zen or Osho, or hear,as per Nanak-Nadari, the existence and the discover the first breath, i.e. Adhhar Manus, too.

Perhaps, as per OSHO, Jesus was first to describe God as within, self, and without, no-self, both. Before him Buddha discovered God as without ‘no-self‘ and Hindu believed God within as ‘self‘. For experiencing without Buddha has not given any practical method that can be followed by ordinary people. Later modified Buddhism i.e.  Zen developed a method they call as Witnessing in other words it can be described as ‘sitting silently, doing nothing, season comes and the grass grows by itself green’.

JESUS gave compassion and service as method for experiencing both at a time. When you serve with compassion you forgot your ‘self’ completely i e experiencing the ‘no-self’. By practicing it honestly any day one can encounter “Self” by seeing the existence or hearing the song of existence.

Earlier teachings stressed that one has to achieve one goal at least in this very life i.e. either find or discover your ‘Adhaar Manus’ i.e. Original Face or discover your ‘Self’ or existence through ‘no-self’ or directly. Then that person cannot be stopped for experiencing the second. This un-satisfaction is said to be good for humanity.

Source of Information about Jesus is from:

The Mustard Seed: My Most Loved Gospel on Jesus

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The invisible hearing aid

If study or career of Philosophy end in Philosia then it is right culmination of human life too otherwise great philosophers, not mediocre, who could not end Philosophy to Philosia ended life going insane or committed suicide.

Osho described it by a story:

One rich women was facing hearing challenge in her ripened age. One day from nowhere she got an invisible hearing aid so that she could listen well.

Since no one could see her wearing it and she also pretended to behave as usual for few days.

After a fortnight she went to her lawyer and changed her will. Those who were on top priority were given bottom and those who were at bottom were given top priority in her property share.

For a common person the meaning can be understood and one can laugh at by imagining the scene or circumstances she faced after wearing the invisible hearing aid.

From Philosia it has deep spiritual message for Osho’s disciples or sannyasins.

(What a marvel it is that the spell checker on word press is suggesting me that the spelling of sannyasin may be ‘assassins’ on being asked for correcting the same as it is new word for it. Those who becomes assassins of their ego only called truly as sannyasins as per Philosia.)

Here the invisible hearing aid is the sound of ‘Naad’ or ‘Nadari’ – as called by Nanak, a Sikh mystic. When a person gets enlightened then this sound is heard by the person continuously, day and night, and it is called sound of existence. So it is like wearing the invisible hearing aid.

After enlightenment priorities of that person changes and all materialism,for which a person longs for whole life, drops from top to bottom instantly. Spiritual wishes which were kept last priority, in to do list too, were moved from there to top.

Study of Philosophy, if ends in “Nadari” or wearing an invisible hearing aid that makes you hear the most subtle sound of existence,  then it is Philosia.


This word was coined by Osho. It is quite opposite to Philosophy. In Philosophy one contemplates about existence. It is like a blind person thinking about light. Philosia means a person who has actually seen or experienced the existence or truth or Jesus-Consciousness or Buddha-Consciousness. He has transcended the human mind to experience the no-mind state. Even if a glimpse is sufficient to begin learning about inner secrets of the existence. Because unless one gets a glimpse, how he/she is going to further explore it? It will be just like searching for a door in a dark room which has only walls on all sides. The door is experience of existence and wall is thinking about it while the life is that room.

Our being is very small compared to the mind including conscious and sub-conscious part. Here no-mind state is the part of super-consciousness which is sometimes also included in definition of mind. Actually it is beyond it and its path is from being and not from mind.

A story from “Panchtantra” was told to children, in their childhood, in India by elders but the secret in the story is so subtle that even the storyteller do not understand its deeper meaning but as a custom it is told. It is told so that when one of the child will experience the existence or truth he will understand its deeper meaning automatically and it will be helpful for him to understand the phases he has undergone or experienced in the journey. It will also help him/her to guide the basic requirements needed for being a qualified Master in Philosia.  No basic education is required to achieve this Master’s qualification but any degree or Ph. D is helpful to better understand and transfer it among highly qualified and educated persons so that they can practically apply it in solving real life problems or to fulfill Social needs of the generations or prepare well for future generations….

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or as follows

It is a story of a Lion, the King, in a forest. All the resident animals of the forest have to live in constant stress and any time the lion can attack on anyone. So they all assembled to solve the problem so that they can live peacefully. They offers to the lion, the king, a plan. They suggested that one animal will reach to the Lions den each day, at decided time, to satiate the hunger of the King. The lion king agreed.

For a long time this plan worked well and both parties in agreement remained true to their promises.

One day it was a chance of a small rabbit to sacrifice its life for peace of the forest and satiate the hunger of the lion. When his name was called, It was a brave rabbit. It was not trembling inside by just thinking about the death. The rabbit started to think about how ways to solve the problem of the fellow animals. As it will be some others turn tomorrow, and it will go on for eternity. It was decided by the rabbit that when life is at stake then why not take a chance to let all other animals get rid of this Lion forever.

On the way to the Lions den the rabbit saw a well and when looking inside it saw its image in still water. Suddenly the rabbit got the idea and deliberately became late while keeping an eye on the Lion from far away.

The hungry lion became angry and moving here and there thinking about the future of animals of the forest as punishment for breaking the promise.

Suddenly the tiny rabbit appeared  before the lion and in a humble voice prayed to listen to it for the reason of delay and then do as decided without taking me into consideration as food for toady, since i am so tiny to satiate your hunger. The lion nodded in agreement and became eager to really listen carefully. The rabbit informed that in the way there was a far stronger lion on the way and stopped it to challenge you. But i insisted for a fight with you only them i will assume supremacy.  So please come with me and accept the challenge.

The Lion wen with this rabbit to the well and rabbit introduced “the well with still water” as den of the challenging Lion. On looking inside the well image as another lion is mistook by hungry and angry lion and immediately jumped into it to accept the challenge. Died immediately and all animals of the forest are saved and lived peacefully thereafter.

Lesson from this story is to be brave, intelligent and have courage.


Philosia, experiencing the truth by seeing, gives an altogether unimaginable meaning to or lesson from this story.

Actually the story is about a human life. The human body is the forest in which The Lion king is the ego and the courageous rabbit is being of the human. It is the being, a very small and fragile part, that connects a person with the universal wisdom and answers you solutions to the problems in real life situations. It is also called as intuition or common sense.

Death of ego is not your death just like death of Lion king is not death of forest. Instead after the death of the Lion king the forest lived peacefully. Death of ego, means death of all your past achievements that is how you define yourself etc. That is why courage is a most required qualification for using being to its ultimate benefit for transforming a human life from “Human being” to “Being human”.

A person who wish to transcend the mind has to learn to use this being in a courageous way, like the rabbit in the story, and be prepared for the ultimate sacrifice, life.

The mirror like water surface is state of no-mind. The ego has no option but to jump and die in it. With the death of ego the space to blossom a new man born in this old body is created. Osho said it “On the grave of your ego blossoms the lotus of your being.” This is what is the meaning of a saying of Jesus ” Unless you are born again, you will not enter into the kingdom of God.” This mirror like no-mind state can only be achieved with the help of a courageous being. Witnessing or awareness is the tool with the help of which being can be approached. Just simple habit of awareness or witnessing in routine life will make it happen any day. When it happens cannot be said as it is uncertain. It has not happened in all your past lives so it may not happen in this life also. Still it is worth practicing whole life. It may happen in this moment ! So it is like gambling, and only a great gambler can risk life for it to happen. In Zen it is said “Sit silently, season comes and the grass grows by itself green.”

Joining mindfulness or meditation courses of limited time and trying to analyse its benefit in short duration has turned many people away from this ultimate experience.

Death of ego is not your death just like death of Lion king is not death of forest. Instead after the death of the Lion king the forest lived peacefully. Death of ego, means death of all your past achievements that is how you define yourself etc. That is why courage is a most required qualification for using being to its ultimate benefit for transforming a human life from “Human being” to “Being human”.


Namaste – one of the meaning.

Namaste is a way of greeting to a person just like good morning, sayonara etc. Both the hands joined to make one but still it is neither one nor two but it is beyond both but is exists. This is real definition of achieving enlightenment or Jesus-Consciousness or Buddha-Consciousness etc etc. When a person who has not attained it greet with namaste to an enlightened one or master or friend/fellow- in Zen, then the other also responds to him/her with namaste. This namaste has very deep meaning because the master or enlightened one is also paying respect to the other as he knows that he/she is just a few step behind only and then he/she will also become enlightened. Then time cease to happen and both will be on same platform. So it is just matter of time that you are at this platform but master is welcoming him/her now, in the world of enlightened ones, since time cease to happen for him/her.

In Zen also this is a tradition that enlightened one too bows to the unenlightened ones in respect.

Each hand represent one eye. So when a person stops seeing world from two eyes and begins looking at world like a child but this time from third eye. Child’s innocence can be perverted in future but innocence of the third eye is pure and permanent or more accurately eternal, as it already passed through the experiences of life. This third eye is located at centre of both and sees inside the world. This is called common sense or intuition or creativity if not fully developed but its presence in one shows that the person is on edge.

This third eye can be activated using both the eyes but it functions neither like both nor like one. It is called Divya-Drishti by Krishna in the Geeta. Looking the world from these eye is such a bliss, ananda, that those experienced it expressed it as that the world disappears for them. The world is Maya in their words. The person starts living in nature and enjoying the nature, its beauty, animals, flowers etc to its deepest meanings. Abundance in everything like love is his message. Since in nature tree, animals or creatures are given capacity to produces abundant seeds just for one tree or flower or fruit to nurture to its best. His love is such that for one it produces millions, out of abundant love he takes no chance! it seems.